The John Watson Letters.  Transcribed by Jeff Douthit.  John Watson joined Confederate forces at Aquia District in Stafford, Virginia in March of 1862. He was wounded at Gettysburg and survived. Only to die of pneumonia in May of 1864 in Lynchburg, Virginia. Some 30 letters and a photograph of John in uniform have survived.

Building “Winter Quarters”.  By Wayne Thompson.  Wayne's detailed description of how to go about building your own set of "Winter Quarters."

A Civil War Bedroll. By Wayne Thompson, of the 47th Virginia.  An informative article about the styles and uses of bedrolls in the Civil War.

The Civil War and the Origins of Modern Warfare: Ideas, Organization, and Field Command.  Book review by Adam Pantaze, of the 47th Virginia.

The Civil War Infantryman:  In Camp, On the March, and In Battle.  Book review by Adam Pantaze, of the 47th Virginia.

The Confederate Bayonet. By Ley Watson, of the 47th Virginia.  A good article on the numbers and usage of bayonets in the 47th Virginia, and the ANV.

The Correct, Complete, Perfect, Revised, and Improved School of the Color Guard.  By Elmer Woodard.  This is a very complete and helpful article on the purpose of the Color Guard.  This is a must for anyone who wants a better insight on how to prepare for serving as a member of the guard!

Diary of a Confederate Soldier.  Review of this diary from a member of the 9th Kentucky Infantry, by our own Adam Pantaze of the 47th VA.

Even More Camp Recipes.  By Wayne Thompson. More recipes for reenactors to make in camp.

The Greatcoat, & Why You Should Have One.  By Wayne Thompson.  If you've been wondering why you should invest in a greatcoat, read this

Haversacks.  By Wayne Thompson.  A discussion of the types and usages of haversacks.

Lieutenant's Lore by Jeff Douthit, of the 47th Virginia.

    Chapter 1.
    The first in an installment of informative, and humorous articles by the 47th's own 1st. Lt.

    Chapter 2.
    This chapter encompasses Saylor's Creek, and Appomottox.

No Tent? No Problem!  By Wayne Thompson.  A good alternative to bringing the tents with you on campaign.

Pig Pens and Hog Wallows.  By Wayne Thompson.  Oh the many different types of shelters that are available.

"Popular Catalogue to Reappear this Fall."  By John M. Coski. A review of the Museum of the Confederacy's Uniform Catalogue that will be
released soon.

Recipes for Camp.  By Wayne Thompson.  Some good ideas for period foods to make for events.

Sew What?  By Adam Pantaze.  This is now the full 2 part analysis of uniforms in the Confederate Army.  A comprehensive look at the materials and dyes in common usage during the war.

Some (More) Thoughts On The Blanket Roll.  By Wayne Thompson.  Another look at Civil War blanket rolls.

Testing Your Authentic Appearance (or, Who let the farbs out?).  By Jeff Douthit.  A new test created by our Lt. in order for us to judge the
authenticity of our impressions.

A Weekend's Eating (from one little bag).  By Wayne Thompson. Simple eating for a time in the field.