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Name Site
Authentic Campaigner Web Site
Bradley Schmehl Artist of a Living History
Camp Chase Gazette
Civil War Clip Art Gallery
Civil War Reenactors Homepage
Civil War Web
Dale Gallon Historical Art
Don Troiani Artworks
Fair Oaks Suttlery
Longstreet's Corps Homepage
Longstreet's Corps Scholarship Scholarship Rules (PDF)
Scholarship Application (PDF)
Recon 2 Website
Reenactor's Page
Virginia Civil War Homepage

States, Cities, and Events

135th Anniversary of Antietam Reenactment
Antietam (Sharpsburg, MD)
Battle of Olustee Site
Civil War Charleston, SC
Illinois in the Civil War
Iowa Civil War Page
Michigan in the Civil War
Tennessee Chronicles
Virginia's Civil War

Unit Pages


Brackett's Battalion
Cumberland Guard Homepage
Grand Army of the Republic Homepage
Irish Brigade Association
Kearsarge Afterguard
Larboard Watch, USN Civil War Navy 1861-65
Louisiana Division of Reenactors/ The National Provost Battalion
U.S. Corps of Engineers, Co. B
U.S. Frontier Brigade
1st Michigan, (102nd US) Colored Infantry
1st Michigan Light Artillery, Battery D
1st Nebraska
1st New Jersey Artillery
1st Ohio Light Artillery, Battery L
1st Pennsylvania (Bucktails), Co. B
 1st South Carolina US
2nd U.S. Artillery, Horse Co. A
2nd U.S. Cavalry
2nd U.S. Cavalry, Co. A
2nd Wisconsin
3rd Maine, Co. A
3rd US Field Artillery, Battery C
The 4th U.S. Artillery, Battery B
5th New York, Co. A
6th Massachusetts Light Artillery
7th Kentucky
7th Maryland, Co. A
7th Michigan, Co. B
9th Illinois
12th New Jersey, Co. K
13th U.S. Infantry
14th Kentucky
14th Brooklyn NYSM (International)
19th Indiana, Co. A
19th Indiana, Co. K
20th Massachusetts
22nd Massachusetts
28th Massachusetts, Co. A,C,&H
28th Wisconsin
29th Ohio
30th Indiana
37th Illinois, Co. B
40th Regiment Pennsylvania (11th PA Reserves)
41st Ohio
47th New York-Washington Grays
49th Indiana
50th Pennsylvania
53rd Pennsylvania, Co. C
54th Massachusettes
67th New York
91st Ohio
97th Pennsylvania, Co. A
104th Pennsylvania, Co. C
116th Pennsylvania, "Irish Brigade"
119th New York, Co. H
140th New York
145th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Co. D


Archer's Brigade
Breckinridge Battalion
Douglas' Texas Battery
Elliott's Scouts
Havis' Battery, 14th BGLA
Hood's Texas Brigade
Longstreet's Corps
Mississippi Valley Brigade
Morton's Battery, Forrest Cavalry Corp
Palmetto Light Artillery
Phillips (GA) Legion
Rowdy Pards
Thomas' North Carolina Legion
Trans-Mississippi Rifles
Washington Artillery, 5th Company
1st Louisiana Special Battalion, Co. B
1st North Carolina Cavalry
1st South Carolina Artillery
1st Texas Cavalry
1st Virginia Co H, "The Richmond Grays"
2nd Maryland, Co. G
2nd Mississippi, Co. K
2nd Virginia, Co. E Stonewall Brigade
3rd Georgia, Co. G
3rd Texas Cavalry
3rd Virginia, Co. A thru K, Inc.
4th Confederate Engineers, Co. E
4th Georgia, Co. E
4th Missouri, Co. E
4Th Tennessee, Co. E
5th Alabama Battalion, Co. D
5th Tennessee, Co. E
7th Tennessee Cavalry, Co. D
7th Virginia, Co. B
7th Virginia, Co. D
9th Virginia Cavalry, Co. B (dismounted)
9th Virginia, Cavalry, Co. K (dismounted)
10th South Carolina
11th Mississippi, Co. A, "University Grays"
11th Mississippi, Co. G
15th Alabama Co. B
16th Alabama, Co. A
17th Virginia Calvary, Co. F
19th Alabama, Co. H
19th Alabama, Co. I (DSmart)
20th South Carolina
25th North Carolina
32nd Virginia, Co. H & I
33rd Virginia, Co. A & Rockbridge Artillery, Inc.
37th Georgia Regimental Band
37th Virginia, Co. K
38th Virginia
42nd Georgia
42nd Virginia, Co. I
49th NC Troops/3rd NC Cavalry
55th Virginia


Documented Historical Beverage Recipes
Jonah World-Jonah Begone of the Camp Chase Gazette
Makers of Authentic Hardtack

Battlefields and Parks

Antietam National Battlefield
Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park
Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania Military Park
Gettsyburg National Military Park
Harpers Ferry, VA Virtual Visitors Center
Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield
Manassas National Battlefield
Monocacy National Battlefield
Pea Ridge National Military Park
Richmond National Battlefield Park
Shiloh National Military Park
Vicksburg National Military Park

Research, Diaries, Letters, Articles

Civil War Newspapers: Coverage of John Brown's Raid
 Diary of G.D. Molineaux, 8th Illinois Volunteer Infantry
Military History Institute-Carlisle, PA
Rare Map Collection at The Hargett Library

Civil War Related Items-For Sale

Civil War Naval Art Prints
Echoes From The Letters Of A Civil War Surgeon
Guidon Books
Heirloom Emporium
Mystic Moon Clothing and Supplies
Rural Citizen Online Bookstore

General Civil War

Abraham Lincoln Online
Ancestry Civil War Records
Cincinnati Civil War Roundtable
Civil War Interactive
Civil War Radio Hour
Civil War Resources at AF Academy
Civil War Resources on the Net-Dakota State University
Co I, A One man play by a member of the 7th Arkansas
Electric Cemetery (Search ACW ancestors)
Fairfax Chapter #1410, UDC
Godey's Lady's Book-19th Century Women's Magazine
Northern Virginia Relic Hunters Association Home Page
Poetry and Music of the Civil War
Sons of Confederate Veterans
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
Southern Soldiers Remembrance Fund
US Civil War Center at LSU
US Grant Web Site
Valley of the Shadow-Living the Civil War in PA and VA
 Virginia Division, UDC
Virginia Tech Civil War Home Page